Laneway Learning

About Us

Laneway Learning in Sydney has been running fun, alternative classes since June 2013.

We think that education should be as accessible and inexpensive as possible, that places you like to spend time in make better classrooms than lecture theatres, and that you shouldn’t have to rearrange your life to learn something new. We also know that passionate ‘ordinary’ people make the best teachers – we encourage everyone to bring us their ideas for classes, no matter their age, background or experience.

Want to learn more? Take a look at our vision and mission.

Meet the team

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Dan looks after Laneway Learning in Sydney. He has been teaching since he was a kid (his nickname was ‘the teacher’) and is always enthusiastic about sharing some of his own passions in a variety of topics, from Brasilian pandeiros and Cuban rueda dancing, to photography and sound/music recording. He studied film and worked with George Lucas in California!

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